When your child says ‘Yucky Toothpaste’ and Doesn’t wanna brush their teeth

Hi there guys, I am Ash. Today’s 1 minute idea about Brushing your kid’s teeth.

Some children just hate brushing; they do not like the bristles, they do not like the smell of toothpaste, they find the taste too intense or just hate standing at one place till the brushing is done.

Find the softest bristles and use them even if your child has outgrown that recommended age. Sometimes it is just a matter of what they are used to.

If your kiddo doesn’t like using toothpaste, just try brushing with water. It is better than not brushing at all. Introduce the concept of toothpaste slowly, first by adding a tiny bit… then a little more and so on.. But as I said… go slow 

Avoid distractions. Keep the bathroom lights dim. Bright lights can be distracting and irritating. Or if the lighting cannot be changed, be creative.. let your child wear sunnies while in the bathroom!

See how you go with these. Let me know if u have any ideas to share by adding a comment below. We parents, are always looking for more… And I’ll see you soon with my next 1-minute idea.

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