What to do when your child refuses to dress up


Welcome to our new series on 1 Minute Ideas – simple easy to use strategies to help you get on with the rest of the day. I am Ash. Today’s idea is about Dealing with Dressing up! Mornings are hard, the rush is terrible and we really do not need an added meltdown, even though they are kinda hard to avoid, hey!

Children with sensory processing issues find it hard to express their discomforts. To make things worse, they feel ‘discomfort’ more acutely than others.

When it comes to clothing, this discomfort has a lot to do with the texture to the garment and how it feels on their skin. 

A safe way to begin is to cut off all tags from clothes and wash them several times before allowing your child to wear them. 

Try finding clothes without too many buttons or zippers; try shoes with velcros.  

Let your child make the choice. If it is the same jacket every day then so be it. It keeps your child happy and you stress-free. 

That stress-free thing is important. Remember it is just morning, you still have the whole day to go through! 😊


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