Voice of Autism Survey – Australian Government Launches Large Scale Autism Inquiry

In a much awaited move for Autism Parents, on 27th Nov, the Australian Senate resolved to from a major parliamentary inquiry looking at the support, services and quality of life for families with Autism.

Chaired by Autism mum of 10yo and Senator, Hollie Hughes, this is the first-of-its-kind nationwide inquiry to improve life outcomes of kids and adults with Autism.

voice of autism survey - Australian Government inquiry on Autism


At the centre of this inquiry would be issues like NDIS funding, diagnosis/support waitlists, and crackdown on the “snake-oil” type products and companies.

AutisMag been in contact with the Senator’s office and if all goes per plan, our management team would be marching to Canberra to do a short presentation to the Committee during Jan end or early Feb (dates not finalised yet).

And I want to use this opportunity to share your voice with the Senate committee, using the Voice of Autism survey that we’ve just launched.

This survey will take only 5 mins and once we receive enough responses, our team will consolidate these inputs to create a dossier which will then be forwarded to the Committee office.

This is the opportunity that many Aussie parents have been waiting for – to have their voice heard at the highest level!

How often do we complain about the lack or acceptance, support and Autism services around our community?

The Aussie Federal government has sent a clear message – it wants to hear from the Autism families – their stories, fears, aspirations and inhibitions!

To participate in this free survey click the link below, your inputs may help shape the future on Autism in Australia and improve the lives of hundreds of families…

Note: This survey is only for Australian residents…

Survey link: https://www.autismag.org/voice-of-autism-parents-survey/

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