UK Government Partners with NAS on Employment Drive for Autism Adults

Pauline Latham, MP from Mid-Derbyshire, is backing up a campaign intended to gain the Government’s attention to seek more help for autistic people with increased employment opportunities.

Mrs. Lattham inaugurated the new report from National Autistic Society (NAS) and started the campaign for individuals with autism, in the parliament session held on 31st of October.

NAS partners with Government to provide jobs to adults with autism
NAS partners with Government to provide jobs to adults with Autism

The report brings to light that the realistic employment options of people with autism is noticeably low. It also highlights the various measures that could be taken by the Government and the employers to extend employment opportunities to adults with high functioning autism.

Fewer than 16% of autistic people are in full-time paid work and this figure appears to have remained stubbornly low for the last decade. This clearly isn’t good enough!

, Pauline quoted.

Pauline firmly believes that such a low employment rate could be overcome when businesses and Governments come together and work out a forward-looking strategy to increase employability among autistic individuals.

Interestingly, the NAS report coincided with the launch of Work, Health and Disability green paper by the Government. In their website, the UK government says that,

This government is determined to build a country that works for everyone. A disability or health condition should not dictate the path a person is able to take in life – or in the workplace.

Government data indicates that it intends to increase the employment rate among disabled from 47% to 64%, the society’s report highlights that actual employment is a much lesser 32%.

Interestingly, almost 77% of unemployed disabled people showed eagerness to work.

Mark Lever, the Society Chief pointed out that people with autism are easily overlooked when it comes to regular full time employment.

Employers, on the other hand, did show keenness in recruiting people with autism, however, they lacked the know-how on it.

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Already, global companies like Microsoft and a few others have started to employ autistic people. With the green paper in process, the Government is hopeful that the number of companies interested in hiring individuals with Autism is expected to increase in near future.

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