Two Souls in New York to Whom Adult Autism Diagnosis was a Relief!

Ever wondered how a person feels when he or she is diagnosed with Autism in their adulthood? Maria and Jake are two such New Yorkers who candidly share their experiences.

Maria Paige – 38, Stage Manager, New York

Maria says she had heard the word autism at an early age of 10 while watching her favorite show “Rain Man”.

However, during her adulthood, past the age of 22 when Maria was emotionally broken, she wondered whether she could be autistic.

Maria recollects, she undergoes lots of trouble which other people didn’t seem to have. Little things which were easy for others, used to be an uphill struggle for her. She also had a trouble speaking at a normal pace.

Things started to fall in place when Maria started reading the work of autistic people and found her life to be accurately described in those.

This was when she requested her doctor to refer to someone who could assess an adult for autism.

As Maria expected, she was diagnosed with autism and she felt relieved and comments,

I dropped by a Starbucks for a coffee. I had to help finish a show load-out, so I walked down to the theater since it was a pretty day. I went home, made dinner and bought a bottle of wine to celebrate.

Jake Tunnassel – Male, 24, Computer science Student, New York

After many doctors provided varying reports and conflicting statements about ADHD, John says he decided to move away from psychiatry and consult a neuropsychologist.

Although it took him much longer than usual to do simple tasks such as homework while he was in school, not everyone understood the situation, Jake recounts.

Jake had to struggle when trying to maintain eye contact during classes, a symptom that grew more apparent when he graduated into his adulthood.

He further faced a harrowing time when trying to speak with the opposite sex. Jake’s family, however, was least bit concerned and they felt everything was OK as he had maintained a consistent mid-90 GPA.

Undeterred, Jake sought medical consultation and started the initial process to explain his problem with maintaining focus.

He highlighted few important things in his life such as not being able to read a 200-page book.

Jake was taken aback when the doctor said he showed symptoms of Asperger’s after a detailed evaluation of 6+ hours.

As a last part of the evaluation few inputs were required from his parents and Jake’s mother diligently filled out the questionnaire. Six weeks later, Jake received a formal diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Speaking of his experience, Jake explain’s,

I was a little emotional — this explained a lot. I thought, why couldn’t this have been uncovered, you know, a decade prior? This would have helped so much! Why couldn’t anyone except me see this?


adult autism diagnosis
Jake, 25 (left) and Maria (33) were both diagnosed with Autism in their Adulthood!

Important to note that in both cases, Maria and Jake were diagnosed with autism in their adulthood, though both of them lamented on the importance of being diagnosed at an early age.

If you have you come across any adult being diagnosed with autism in their later life, let us know how their experience was by filling in the comments section

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