Tips and proven strategies to help your child with ASD to happily grow and thrive.

Many people have the wrong idea of autism spectrum disorder. They imagine that when one was diagnosed with autism, their end was certainly near. But, reports have consistently put this hypothesis in the wrong, as many autistic children have been reported to lead great lives well into old age, often even happier lives than some average persons.

Of course, it is a fact that this neurological developmental disorder comes with many distressing problems like the inability to communicate verbally and some other problems with social interaction which is as yet not totally curable scientifically, but there are certain ways which parents can assist their autistic kids to achieve balance in their world.

Maybe your own child has just been diagnosed with autism and you seem quite exasperated, perhaps because the symptoms don’t appear to be improving. Autism is the reason why your child may find it difficult to relate well with others around.

Also why the child cannot pay adequate attention in class or easily loses interest when you try to engage their attention. And why certain sensory impulses may be either overwhelming to him or her or why the sensory impulses may not even seem impactful at all. It is autism that makes other people around them think they are eccentric. But your parental attitude can go a long way in improving your child’s lot and help them grow happily. The tips which follow may be very helpful to you.

First, start out early enough. Although there is no cure for autism at the moment, there are therapies that can help your child with basic skills to build on while they keep growing. Experts have found that the symptoms of this disorder oftentimes become apparent while the patients are yet toddlers and that diagnosing this disorder as early as these signs begin to manifest, the better the outcome of these therapies on the child.

Parents should also create routines and follow them strictly on their autistic kids early enough as this increases the chances of success. Routines such as when and how to bathe, brush the teeth, go to the toilet, go-to-bed are minor day-to-day life hacks which parents could start with.

It is not enough to just detect the problem and take your child for diagnosis, the parent should as well try and seek professional help for their kid. If you can afford it, hiring a specialist or therapist would be a great step to improving your child’s prospect. While parents can rely on therapy, they should also develop their own treatment plan for their child.

Next, you would want to be consistent with the routine and treatment plan you have chosen for your child. It is important to note that an autistic child wouldn’t imbibe these skills they learn at a go. Insistent repetition is required if the child must inculcate them.

But then as days give way to weeks and weeks grow into months, it is easy for these daily routines to start to seem monotonous to you, the parent, and you may begin to give slacks and probably lose consistency, especially if your methods have only produced measly results  compared to the many hours and other resources you had invested. However, studies have shown that these skills take the kids to some time internalize, and putting in the extra effort might be all it would take.

Apart from trying out therapies, you can learn to connect with your child in a deeper sense. Learn how your child communicates. Being able to hear what their hearts and eyes communicate even when they can’t speak is a lovely bond which your child would appreciate. Teaching them the essence of emotional gestures like hugging will be wonderful. Around the house, you would also like to make them feel safe and allow them some space or time to themselves, if need be.

Caring for a child with autism spectrum disorder can be really challenging, the responsibilities that come with being a parent couldn’t be any easier either. With early detection, prompt response and teaching habits and skills to these children, parents could help their lot improve.

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