The Rise of Nick – The Midland Football Star with Autism

Nick Hurst is the most senior player in Football team of Midland. He is also referred to as “the big guy” for being the biggest player, in terms of size within the team. This makes him a formidable force both on the ground and in the locker room.

But that is not the only attribute that sets Nick apart! He was diagnosed with Autism at the time of his birth.

Nick Hurst - A Midland Football Player with Autism
Nick Hurst – A Midland Football Player with Autism

Karen Hurst, Nick’s mother, says that the family didn’t let autism come on the way of the young teen from exceeding his expectations. Unfortunately, all three of her children are diagnosed with Autism.


Nevertheless, Karen says she is happy with trio and has well at peace and has started to accept them the way they are – in her eyes, each of them are perfect!

She recounts the early days when Nick struggled to cope up with his surroundings and faced a myriad of difficulties in managing his social as well as emotional skills.

Nick also struggled at keeping up to speed with his peers in terms of acquiring new skills as well as developing newer relationships. In an attempt to self-control the situation, Nick decided to enrol himself in a football team.

Nick recollects that, since the beginning, he fell in love with the game. His coach, TJ Pugh, commends Nicks amazing passion towards the game and says his growth is commendable.

Nick’s teammates have gained a lot of inspiration from him and have admittedly developed a deep faith towards the confident approach that he has towards his life, his mother, Karen told AutisMag.

With his new found confidence and self-awareness, Nick has earned himself a driver’s license and also landed a part-time job in the locality.

Karen added that she is proud to see her son develop into a responsible young man.

Although Midland team did not win this season, it nevertheless, had a great impact on Nick’s personality – a result, the family believes is far better than a binary win or loss.

There’s more to this than just getting in between these lines

his coach, Pugh commented.

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