The Growing Need for Longer Term Care Plans for Adults with Autism

Planning – is a key to success for everyone, and more so for parents whose children are dependent on them for their day to day needs.

Though many parents choose to care their autistic children for the rest of their lives, it is also important that they ensure their children are entitled to proper care once they are no more around.

adult autism caregiving and financial planning

People who invest more time in planning will have less to worry about later.

This article discusses the general preparation and finding the right kind of people who could give enough care and also the binding legal considerations.

The first important step would be to keep the family informed of this information so they will be mentally prepared on what to expect ahead of time.

Let us start with the basics – There are few ways which could ensure children will have a proper care in the event of the parents passing away or them becoming unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.

Being better informed about the child’s condition and sharing the developments with the family is an important step. Moreover, it will also benefit the child as it will eliminate the risk in your absence.

Documentation plays a crucial role and having all the medical records of the child well organized also helps others to understand the child’s condition in your absence.

Also, empower the children to engage with others which go a long way in boosting their self confidence.


One of the most important subjects that need a prior consideration is the need of proper caregivers.

The need for caregivers becomes more prominent when you are no longer available to take care of the child.

Proper planning allows you to ensure that the caregiver, and your child will be a good fit for each other. It can further help in proper transitioning.

List of qualities can be checked to ensure the caregiver can be assigned the responsibility of the job and also they are a good fit.

A thumb rule states the Five important C’s

  • Caring
  • Competence
  • Cooperation
  • Compatibility
  • Communication

Parents should schedule an interview with the caregiver to understand him/her. Get a background verification done and check whether they are compatible with your requirements.

Discuss your child’s symptoms and see how they react. Cooperation and Communication are both key factors in providing the best care.

Be wary if the caregiver has a history of abuse, such cases are on the rise these days. You should ensure that you have checked the person’s criminal record and have references for at least the last 5 years.

There are agencies specialized in background checking across US, UK, Canada and Australia. Don’t just go by the references the caregiver provides. Hire an agency to provide you a full background report – when it comes to your child, its money well spent.

Avoid caregivers with some of these warning signs:

  • A refusal to follow instructions you have given
  • Showing up later than scheduled or missing work regularly
  • Projecting a controlling attitude
  • Using threatening language or intimidating actions
  • Socially isolating your child
  • Speaking for your child when unnecessary
  • Acting uncooperative during home visits

If you come across these, do not hesitate to change the caregiver.

Legal Considerations

Adding to these, there are some legal aspects that need to be taken care of. Financial accounting and planning is one such activity that gains enough importance when considering legality.

It is always best to build a team of lawyers, accountants, medical professionals and others who can get involved in the future care of the child.

Figure out the personal resources that will be available to provide the necessary care. Have your child’s physician consult a financial planner on the seriousness of the child’s disability and the possibility for the recovery or his/her life expectancy.

This will help you in determining if the current resources are enough or additional financial provisions would need to be made, thus helping you see things more clearly. This will help in possible integration of the estate plan.

Additionally discussing with a social or a state worker about the government initiatives would help you understand more about the programs and shortlist the applicable one as per your needs. Few of the programs that add benefits in USA are:

  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Social Security

Gathering enough information and collecting all the necessary paperwork for each of the above highlighted or similar programs would be beneficial.

Thus ensuring proper planning helps everyone and it ensures the necessary arrangements are in place for the well being of the child.

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