[SHOCK EXPOSE] Organized Network of Crooks selling Bleach to “CURE” Autism!

Parents believe by using these things they can cleanse their children of the parasites.

fake mms cure for autism


Recently, we at AutisMag, published an article on an ongoing scam run by the name of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) that targets vulnerable parents of Autistic children. That’s how we got to know about two activists and their relentless effort to get authorities involved to take combative measures against the growing menace of MMS – Fiona O’Leary and Emma Dalmayne.

Emma, autism advocate and campaigner from London, UK has been campaigning against the mistreatments given to autistic individuals. She has been campaigning actively for the past three and half years.

Ms. Dalmayne leads an aggressive campaign against the chlorine dioxide solutions sold under the guise of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). She warns parents that they are doing more harm, rather than treating their children.

Says Emma, “Parents believe by using these things they can cleanse their children of the parasites.

The bleach solution, when ingested results in internal injuries, frequent nose bleeding, kidney failures and everything that one can possibly imagine, says Dalmayne.

In an exclusive interview to AutisMag, the activist said people are able to sell this solution freely without any fear because there is no legislation in place. Emma stresses the importance of having legislation in place to help the young children from being abused.

The people behind the MMS are manipulating the authorities by terming the “Solution” as food ingredients suitable for ingestion under normal circumstances.

To bring the notice to the authorities, Emma Dalmayne launched an online petition that garnered 54620 signatures online.

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Emma Dalmayne and her colleague Fiona O’Leary, autism advocate and campaigner from Ireland, have exposed these groups of people trying to monetize from MMS solutions and pushing a record number of autistic kids to danger. Regrettably, they are finding it much harder to garner the much needed support from the authorities in their mission to stop the widespread menace of MMS Solutions.

The activist also campaigns against GcMAF that is touted as the next big thing capable of curing cancerous symptoms. Emma says, “GcMAF is similar to insulin and if the body produces it too much, it can have fatal effects.” She further adds parents tend to use this believing it helps their children.

Emma Dalmayne, who herself has been diagnosed to be on the Spectrum, says “Many campaigns are being set-up to treat us, but autism it is not curable.” She further adds, “Autism is neither a disease nor an injury with which we have to live with for the rest of our lives.”

There are certain groups that have been working hard to stop the activists in their campaign.

Emma Dalmayne warns people about Amanda Mary: a lady she came across online. Amanda Mary sells GcMAF and MMS solution online to gullible parents. Further, Amanda promises to treat anyone of autism, cancer and everything else. See actual evidences towards the end of this story

Emma says, “I got in touch with her through a fake Facebook profile ID to experience her intentions in-depth and told her about my nonverbal autistic child along with my mother’s cancer symptoms.”

The activist says she was shocked to see the lady, Amanda Mary, offering to treat her mother and her autistic child at the same time. Emma says,

The lady tried to convince me that she can treat my child with bleach.

The activist adds, “Amanda Mary should be in jail for trying to play with lives of innocents!”

Nevertheless, the activist is saddened by the sight of people trying to cash in on other’s miseries.

Says the activist, as an autistic person I feel hurt to see these things!

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior. Emma says, the cures that are being promoted can never work because autism is not a curable condition.

To the people who are trying to change the society by getting rid of autistic people, the activist says, “They should stop having sex in order to prevent pregnancy as their children too can be born autistic.”

AutisMag further tried to understand how these people are trying to sell on such a large scale. Emma says the crooks find their way through carefully designed campaigns on Facebook and a lot of backend support is being generated online to support these activities.

People sell kerosene, turpentine, borax etc among many other fatal solutions trying to make money from someone else’s health. Autistic people are being put through many things and this is not right and will never be right, says Emma.

The activist further says, “We take a lot of time to unhide these elements online.” She adds, “When we report and take their website down they come up with a different name.”

In an attempt to create an awareness among general public, Emma has made two of her call recordings live:


Facebook Chat Log:

Emma Dalmayne uses Facebook profiles created under different aliases to catch parents and people trying to sell MMS to unsuspecting people and hope to help autistic people and other MMS victims to her best. The activist recounts the harrowing experience that they undergo whenever they bust a fake ring.

See how Emma working to unhide Amanda Mary’s intentions:

facebook messenger sting operation

MMS sting operation chat details

Recorded Tele Conversations

Below is the actual 2-part recorded telephonic conversation between Emma and Amanda Mary:

Recording Part 1
Recording Part 2

She lauds her colleague Fiona O’Leary, who was responsible for and played a key role in successfully implementing a total ban on MMS solutions across Ireland.

Do you support Emma and Fiona in their mission to save autistic children from further abuse? You can get in touch with her by visiting her website.

Click here to learn more about MMS and its dubious origins.

Breaking News and Shocking Exposure of Fake Autism Treatment using MMS
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Breaking News and Shocking Exposure of Fake Autism Treatment using MMS
An organized network of crooks are selling a potentially dangerous Bleach based chemical as a "Fake" treatment for Autism. AutisMag works with Emma to expose the facade
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