Researchers Develop Autism Symptoms Self-Assessment Resource Kit for Adults

A questionnaire designed to measure the restricted and repetitive behaviors in adults, with autism condition, is a helpful tool in evaluating autism symptoms online.

autism test adult

Autism test adult is observed to be one of the first effective self-assessment tools for a core symptom evaluation of autism in adults.

The questionnaire attempts to measure the repetitive behaviors in adults through a pattern of questions designed as per the guidelines set by autism research center. Repetitive and restricted behaviors are understood to be the core symptoms of the condition alongside communication and social challenges.

Sue Leekam, study leader and director of the Wales Autism Research Center based out of Cardiff University in the United Kingdom comments, “In the end, a greater portion of the measures used for diagnosis of autism condition rely on caregivers, parent or teachers to accurately report the behavioral symptoms of individuals with autism condition.”

Nevertheless, this research-backed questionnaire module is developed to help individuals understand where they stand on the spectrum.

The Challenges of Adult Autism Diagnosis

Psychologists are trained to diagnose the condition through careful observation whilst understanding the data recorded by parents and caregivers. However, adults are able to better hide their symptoms, unlike children.

At times, caregivers or parents of autistic adults are distant or deceased which makes an accurate diagnosis of the condition, an uphill task.

Assessing Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors

These behaviors include routines or habits such as lining up of objects or having them arranged in a specific pattern monotonously. Further, individuals with autism condition are also prone to obsessively fiddle with objects of interest or wanting to have their daily routines remain unchanged. Autism test adult is designed to highlight such behaviors that are unusually severe.

To understand the reliability of the test scores, experts based out of the La Trobe University and Cardiff University had a group of 311 individuals diagnosed with the condition to complete the assessment. More than half of the group were diagnosed with the condition.

Interestingly, those with an autism diagnosis scored significantly higher on various aspects in comparison to their other peers.

Many experts agree these advanced tests represent an important milestone in the effective understanding of the condition.

Repetitive Behavior is Just One Aspect

One should always understand, online test is not a tool meant to diagnose autism. Restricted and repetitive behavior is one of the important areas that need prior attention alongside communication and related social challenges.

Experts comment, “This self-measuring tool is a valuable addition to the growing adult healthcare resource kits, not just limited to autism condition.” Anyone who is worried about their excessive repetitive or restricted behavior, now have a resourceful tool at their disposal.

By understanding their behaviors, one can seek help and look forward to living fuller and happier lives.

Researchers Develop Autism Symptoms Self-Assessment Resource Kit for Adults
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Researchers Develop Autism Symptoms Self-Assessment Resource Kit for Adults
Are online assessment kits the new way to understand your symptoms? A thought triggering and a research-based article highlighting the importance of online tests
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