One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson’s Audacious Comment Draws Global Criticism

Pauline Hanson, a politician known for her crude talks, has tried to steer away from her audacious comments about autistic children and their hapless disabilities, saying she has been misquoted intentionally by her rival peers.
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Teachers and other educational staff across the world condemned the leader after she pointed out that much time was being spent on imparting quality education to disabled children while their peers were being left unattended.

Pauline has erroneously quoted in the Senate; she has seen many teachers spend time with disabled autistic children in the classroom, which results in losing quality teaching time. The politician further added that if there are disabled children in a classroom, they need to be shifted to a special class rather than having them study along with normal children.

The politician did not stop at this and continued to say that if special classes are introduced, they could end up burning a hole in parents’ pockets. She further said that things must be considered from a practical perspective and by giving undue advantage to the disabled children, the system is playing with the future of their regular peers.

The views of Hanson were met with wide criticism and educational experts pointed out that the policy has been in place since the mid-90’s and is considered to have brought a positive impact on the Australian education system.

Emma Husar, Labor and Greens MP whose 10-year-old son is autistic, condemned Hanson’s views and demanded immediate apologies for the senator’s baseless views and thoughtless comments. Nevertheless, Hanson reacted by saying that she has been misquoted and misrepresented to a considerable extent and shooting back at her political rivals, saying they were trying to gain political mileage.

Hanson further adds that she did not mean to say what has been written and asked people to read her comments to understand the real meaning behind her stand.

Pauline says “I want to raise the seriousness of these issues by speaking openly and honestly about them in the parliament.” The Politician further adds, she feels hurt at the sight of parents bearing children who end up with autism.

The politician also adds that she has been flooded with letters of support in her office by parents and teachers alike. However, says the politician, there is a complete lack of trained personnel when it comes to addressing the needs of special children.

The politician says her comments have gained good support and snaps back to her critics, saying, “by answering uncomfortable questions and raising topics of taboo, we are indirectly supporting and helping kids with disabilities.”

Pauline Hanson calls for separate classes for Autism
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Pauline Hanson calls for separate classes for Autism
Pauline Hanson's irresponsible comments and refusal to apologize has been slammed by educational experts and political peers alike.
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