Mother’s Plea to Reinstate State Sponsorship of Autistic Teen’s Treatment

Irish authorities have marked a severely autistic young teen as “potentially dangerous” and “menacing. Brian Devlin, an Irish domicile have now been referred to a speciality care unit in the UK.

His current patient care arrangements in Dublin had to be put on hold given that a consortium of medical practitioners had come to an unanimously landing that Brian’s condition is steadily trending downhill .

Brian has a disturbing history of savagery and self-harm. The youngster, in his late teens, has just been returned to his home, after the Ireland’s Health Services made the decision to stop funding his treatment in the UK.

In a dispute that quickly made its way to the High Court in Dublin, the mother of the youngster pleaded to the judge that Brian’s aggression has increased post his return and that she is now concerned about the overall safety of her family.

The Dublin High Court - Where Brian's Case was recently heard
The Dublin High Court – Where Brian’s Case was recently heard

The mother pleads that Brian frequently goes on a reckless rampage all over the house, breaking anything in vicinity and physically abusing other family members. As an interim preventive measure, the mother has now moved the other kids (Brian’s younger siblings) out of the house to the neighbours.

The mother further explained to the court that, in supporting Brian and trying to keep him at home, she had gone as far as forsaking her marriage.

Part of her emotional distress was due to the anxiety caused by Brian’s erratic behavior coupled with the fear of his uncertain future; especially since the authority’s decision to stop funding his placement.

Since early 2013, the youngster was placed in a secure confinement in the Dublin. He was aged 16 at the time of his detention.

In january 2014, at the age of 17, Brian was put under the Child and Family Agency (CFA), which took care of him, while covering majority of his medical expenses.

Once he turned 18, Brian was enroled under the care of Health Service Executive (HSE). The cost of the care was approximately around £170,00 (US$21,000) per year.

The mother’s plea didn’t seem to resonate too well with Justice Bronagh O’Hanlon, who commented that she has “heard enough” on the case.

The court didn’t find it safe enough to send Brian back to the medical facility in Dublin. The Justice however insisted that HSE should work with the mother to formulate a longer term action plan for Brian and get back for a new hearing, if a mutual settlement is not feasible.

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