If You Have Autism, Put it on Your CV – It May Help Your Case

Major Corporations such as SAP, Microsoft, and Ernst & Young usually referred to as EY have announced a launch of new programs in their respective capacity which is aimed to recruit people with autism.

Mentioning that you have Autism may help your case in a job search
Mentioning that you have Autism may help your case in a job search

An autistic individual, Sam Briefer aged 23, graduated just as everyone else. Though he went for many interviews, the companies did not get back to him.

He believed autism was coming in his way to secure a job and going ahead it would be difficult.

Few months down the line, he got in touch with Specialisterne – a professional service company which strives to develop the skill-set among different people who tend to be diagnosed with Autism, offered Sam an employment position in their organization.


It was a cherishable moment for Sam. For he, not only had a job, but also learnt to treat autism to his advantage rather than living with it as a setback.

The organization also extended Sam a helping hand by tailoring his on-boarding process so that his individual needs were taken care of.

The company further went a step ahead by stripping of conversational shortcuts that are difficult to understand, which could pose a challenge to autistic individuals.

This highlights the growing assistance that the society is extending to help individuals to overcome their health concerns. To further help him to get used to his job, the company further provided additional assistance and coaching which according to authorities, was well received by Sam.

Presently, few months down the line, Sam is comfortable in his job. He praises the company for all the help and support that was  extended which has further helped him in overcoming his anxiety related behavioral issues by a long way.

Sam, along with 3 others, was hired during EY inaugural efforts to help individuals with autism on-board the company.

The program was initially launched in Philadelphia. The company has hopes of extending the program to other cities, in which it has operations, going by the amount of success it has garnered as a part of its pilot program.

Companies such as EY and others such as Microsoft and SAP have insisted and clearly mentioned they would like to recruit individuals with Autism.

SAP cleared the air, by mentioning it has plans to recruit as many as 800 people by the year 2020. Microsoft also has announced similar programs to assist individuals with Autism.

The main aim of driving such efforts are to create an environment for everyone irrespective of their health issues and provide equal opportunities to everyone to raise to the best of their talents.

Gone are the times when people with Autism used to face difficulties and had to struggle in finding a job.

According to Lorrie Golden of EY, there is an underlying business need. Individuals with Autism tend to have strong technical abilities and also they are very detail-oriented which the need of the hour is.

These facts very well point towards the reality that Autism can no longer be the hindrance when it comes to securing the job.

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