Has Comedy gone too far with Stand up Comedian mocking his Autistic Child’s Behavior

Can someone have the right to make fun of other person’s difficulties?  Many would comment otherwise.

Making Fun of Autisticts is Not Accepptable

However, some people, in the guise of making other’s laugh have taken things over the line.

Emma Dalmayne, an active autism advocate, says “People seem to cross the limits and see no shame in mocking someone’s disability.”

Further, Emma says, “Mocking and then passing it off as sarcasm does not hide your real intentions.”

Emma shares a clip of a comedian trying to mimic his autistic son’s disabilities. The comedian further goes on to compare his son to animals.

Emma adds, “Never did I dream people would go to the extent of comparing autistics with animals.”

People in the autism community tried confronting the comedian. Nevertheless, the show was passed of highlighting the right of an individual to mimic.

However, Emma asks “Does being on stage give you the right to do or say anything you wish?” She further says, “At least not on a public forum which is accessible my millions of people.”

Emma painfully says, “The comedian felt he is right in comparing his son to a CAT.” The comedian goes on to say his son keeps coming back for biscuits just like an animal does.

The advocate says the show doesn’t seem to stop here. The person leading the show feels he has every right to abuse his son.

The comedian goes on to enact his son’s behavior and mimics his meltdown post being refused to be given more biscuits (or in other words eatables).

Fiona O’Leary, another autism advocate, says “The comedian seems to forget he is indirectly making his son a butt of tasteless jokes.”

Paul Smith | Son With Autism

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Posted by LIVE at Hot Water Comedy Club on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fiona says, “Comparing, swearing and mocking does not make you cool.”

Emma signs off saying, “People in the show can be clearly seen, they are not laughing at the miserable jokes the comedian is cracking on his son, and rather they are laughing at him for what he has made his son”

Do you believe the comedian was right in defending his show by passing it off as sarcasm, only to make people laugh?

What are your opinions on shows such as these which indirectly hurt many autistic people who do not have the platform to voice their concerns?

Have a say by commenting in the comment box below.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Has Comedy gone too far with Stand up Comedian mocking his Autistic Child’s Behavior
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Has Comedy gone too far with Stand up Comedian mocking his Autistic Child’s Behavior
Is it acceptable to imitate your child's behavior to let your audience laugh?
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