Finding a Natural Cure to Thyroid Dysfunction – A Comorbid Condition for Kids with ASD

Autistic children are often diagnosed with various forms of thyroid dysfunctions. A recent study stated that the reasons for frequent thyroid complexities in children is often associated with a higher expression of a Folate receptor known as “Frα.”

thyroid dysfunction in kids with autism

The receptors are present from the initial stages of the prenatal period. The expression is found to decrease gradually during the later stages of development in postnatal thyroid tissues and gestation.

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Higher expressions of Frα during the earlier foetal thyroid stages shed light on the maternal Folate receptors, which could ultimately affect the overall development of the thyroid and further contribute to pathology in autism.

Nevertheless, there are many natural ways that can be applied to treat thyroid dysfunction, helping autistic children improve their lives and ensure healthiness.

The thyroid is a critical gland in the human body and is responsible for secreting hormones that are responsible for protein synthesis and metabolism rate. However, if the thyroid is not working properly, it could end up manifesting issues such as gastrointestinal inflammation and allergies, as well as causing behavioral issues.

It is interesting to note that youngsters diagnosed with autism have also been found to suffer from protein synthesis dysfunction, which could be a major reason why studies have linked allergic reactions to dietary proteins. Additionally, gastrointestinal inflammation also seems to have an adverse effect in the behavioral traits found in children diagnosed with autism.

Are there any ways to treat thyroid dysfunction naturally?

The best approach to treating thyroid dysfunction and helping children improve their lives is to isolate each issue that can affect the autistic child and try to tackle them one by one. One of the major reasons for this approach is that when one system is regulated, the others will follow suit.

We present here a collection of ways that can assist in treating dysfunctions and gradually help an autistic child to move through their lives:

Tackling Thyroid Function

Thyroid function can be normalized in many ways and by trying different approaches. One of them is through healthy diet. The problem can be addressed through the effective use of essential oils as well as a healthy, nutritious diet.

Numerous studies have highlighted the importance of good nutrition for the proper functioning of the thyroid, especially during the initial stages of pregnancy.

Foods having iodine content and essential oils are known to effectively regulate thyroid hormones.

Tackling Food Intolerance

Eighty children were subjected to a trial to study the benefits that can be achieved through gluten-free diets. It should be noted that gluten-free foods have been shown to effectively control and combat gastrointestinal symptoms, even tackling autism traits.

Nevertheless, care should be taken before starting a new diet, and if required, a nutritionist should be consulted to ensure a safe approach. This can help the child in the long run.

Healing the Gut

Although there are many studies as well as controversies surrounding the brain/gut connection that ends up leading to autism-like symptoms, recent research has shown a probable link between the brain and gastrointestinal disturbances.

Nevertheless, focussing on healing the gut will benefit the child.


Treating one thing at a time is an effective solution to combating many problems naturally. However, it does take time. Practicing patience is the key to achieving results. Be patient, and stick to the treatments; you will gradually see the results.

Feel free to share your views and comments in the comment section below. It may help every one of us, especially our growing autism community.

Thyroid Dysfunction with Autism
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Thyroid Dysfunction with Autism
Autistic children are often diagnosed with various forms of thyroid dysfunctions. This post provides naturally healing options
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