How Service Dogs Can Help Kids with Autism and ADHD

Autism and ADHD is not always an easy condition to deal with. It not only affects the individual in question, rather it affects the entire family. There are good days and bad days, but the worst days can leave you, the parent or the caregiver, feeling frazzled and hopeless. There has been a lot of … Read more

Communicate Structure and Boundaries for Kids with Autism

Want to Work with us one-on-one to develop your child’s skills? It’s actually a topic I really like to talk about. I know that some of the families have received other information from me in terms of using visuals. However, what I’ve done is because of the situation that we’re all in, I’ve made some … Read more

How People with Autism Forge Friendships?

There is usually a common misconception around autistic individuals and their abilities to forge friendships. Many people believe that when a child is autistic then they seclude themselves to such an extent that they don’t need friends or they don’t want to have friends. The reality is very different from this because autistic children tend … Read more

Autism facts that proves how our understanding of the disorder has transformed over the last decade.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neuro-developmental disorder characterized by impairment of communication, social interaction and certain repetitive behaviours. It becomes manifest early in childhood between the twelfth and the eighteenth month of birth, and many of these children grow into adults with the disorder. Diagnostic statistics show that autism occurs 4 times more frequently in … Read more

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