Similar Patterns in Molecular Abnormalities Found in ASD Brain

Autism Spectrum Disorders or ASD has baffled the scientists and doctors alike, since decades. A range of disorders with multiple combinations of symptoms are clubbed under the umbrella term ASD. However, the difficulty in finding a cure for these disorders is largely because of its myriad, confusing causes. Genetic and environmental effects both contribute towards … Read more

Touchpoints Buzzies Wearable Device for Autism and ADHD – Get the Buzz?

Bi-lateral Alternating Stimulation-Tactile Technology, abbreviated as BLAST, has been in use clinically for a while now. The technology is mostly associated with EDMR therapy, or the Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, which is a commonly used method to treat PTSD, anxiety, phobias and other associated psychological disorders. It was noted by Amy Serin that while … Read more

Study Reveals Why People with Autism Have Heightened Sense of Smell and Taste

A common trait among people with autism is their heightened sensitivity to smell, sound and taste. Caused due to mutated genes, people with autism find it difficult to process social stimuli – an event that evokes a functional reaction in the human brain and is responsible for integrating sensory information. Scientists are yet unclear about the … Read more

Can Autism Genes be Responsible for Sleep Deprivation?

A large number of children, who suffer from autism have difficulty falling asleep. Their state of being awake, even when they are tired, makes the symptoms worse which led the experts understand the ink between autism spectrum and sleep irregularities. MUST READ: Handling Sleep Issues for Children with Autism Researches and tests done on male … Read more

Flu Shot Vaccines, even during Pregnancy, do not Cause Autism: Study

Flu vaccines and the rumour about possible effect on causing autism refuse to die down even now. The links have been reported in many popular newspapers, their effects discussed and re-discussed with expecting mothers refusing vaccine during pregnancy. RELATED NEWS: The Never Ending Controversy of Vaccines and Autism It has even been seen that many parents … Read more

Recent Brain Imaging Supports the Effectiveness of Music Therapy for Autism

Music lessons seems to have more benefits than just learning to sing, or play an instrument. READ: Music Therapy for Autism In a study presented during the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), Dr Pilar Dies-Suarez, M.D., chief radiologist at the Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez in Mexico City, explained that music … Read more

Brain Activity could Predict Success of Autism Treatment Among Children

Autism spectrum disorders are unique to every individual and so are the treatments. This makes autism treatments costly and selection of the right treatment is critical for the desired, positive result. Researchers from Yale University reported that now they can predict, whether a preschooler will respond to a particular line of treatment by studying the brain activity … Read more

Physiological Patterns may Assist in Accurate ADHD Diagnosis for Young Adults

Pennsylvania State University researchers have found that ADHD can be diagnosed more precisely by observing the subtle physiological patterns among young people. In a recent study it was observed that young adults performing a continuous motor task faced difficulties in restraining a motor response in comparison to their non-ADHD peers. The participants also produced more force … Read more

More Children with Autism are Born During Winter: Study Suggests

Researchers are leaving no stones unturned to find a possible ‘root cause‘ or etiology of autism, that might give the researchers a direction towards the possible treatments of the disorder. Conjectures, theories and studies are increasing by the day to pinpoint the cause of genetic mutation that causes ASD. As per a recent study conducted … Read more

TSRI Researchers Confirm Studies on PTEN Mutation as a Risk for Autism

Autism has been baffling researchers for years now. The neuro-developmental condition is spreading and the society is neither prepared to treat it, nor knowledgeable enough to accommodate it. The best form of treatment is still therapy, where a psychiatrist attempts to minimise the symptoms to allow a more socially accepted life pattern for the person … Read more

Folinic Acid May Improve Language Skill Among Autistic Children

A recent study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry found a link to Folinic acid and verbal communication & language impairment  among children with non-syndromic autism spectrum disorder. Folinic acid ( also known as 5-formyltetrahydrofolate) a vitamer of folic acid, is commonly used in chemotherapy while treating cancer. It is, at times, also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. This … Read more

Lack of Research Resulting in Delayed Autism Diagnosis in Adults

An early diagnosis is beneficial to both, individual as well as the specialist since it provides ample time to the specialist to diagnose and put intervention strategies in place. When speaking to AutisMag, Fuad Alkoot – PAAET, Kuwait along with Abdullah Alagallaf, Kuwait University highlighted the fact that, unlike other diseases where ample amount of research … Read more

Strong “Conditioned Place Preference” Exhibited by Children with Autism

LA: A recent research authored by Leah Ticker Hiller, Sandy Takata and Barbara L.Thompson (Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Department of Cell and Neurobiology and Department of Pediatrics, Keck School of Medicine, in University of Southern California, Los Angeles) found that children with autism prefer a conditioned place over social interaction. Social impairment is a telltale sign of … Read more

New App that Tracks Eye Movement to Diagnose Autism Could Fast-track Treatment Options

The IEEE Wireless Health Conference  2016 saw the possibility of an app that can detect the presence of Autism symptoms among children as young as 2 years old. A State University of New York, Buffalo student Kun Woo Cho, has such a smartphone app in mind. She is a research assistant in the department of Computer … Read more

Researchers Keenly Await ICPS Showdown Keynote on Autism Mutation

A breathtaking illustration of Autism highlighting its relevance to integrative medical science will be the hot topic of discussion in an event scheduled to take place on closing day of the 2017 International Convention of Psychological Science (ICPS). The 3 day international convention will kick off on 23rd of March,2017 in Vienna, Austria and will conclude on 25th of March, 2017. Below … Read more

Higher Risk of Concussion Symptoms in Athletes with ADHD

A recent study, published in the PM&R Journal (Vol 8) found that diagnosing concussion among student athletes with ADHD can be a difficult process. This study was conducted by researcher Nathan E. Cook, PhD (Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston), Donna Huang, MD along with a few others. Concussion, which could be defined as a state of … Read more

How Lancet’s Study on Early Autism Intervention is First of its Kind!

A research (published October 2016) by Prof Andrew Pickles, PhD; Prof Ann Le Couteur, FRCPsych; Prof Jonathan Greene, FRCP and many others, studied the long term effects of early childhood therapy in autism which was published in The Lancet. This was a follow-up study on the parent led communication therapy for autistic children and its long term effect. According … Read more

Experts Welcome Recent Focus on Autism and Gender Dysphoria

Fresh guidelines were recently released on 4th of November by academicians with the aim to assist clinicians and specialists in identification and treatment of gender dysphoria among autistic individuals. The guidelines , as a part of the longer term strategy, recommends youngsters who are seeking attention for gender-related concerns be screened for symptoms of autism as well. Added further, the … Read more

Report Claims Kids with Autism, Over-diagnosed with ADHD Comorbidity

PHILADELPHIA: A latest research point to the fact that the old mechanism used in diagnosis needs to have a facelift. This may be due to the common screening tool that is used in diagnosis of ADHD seems to be faulty when it used on autistic kids, endangering the children to inappropriate treatments. The researchers further … Read more

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