Breakthrough Autism Investigative Results Provide Hope for Better Social Interactions

Ilana Witten, during the course of her investigations to understand the social characteristics of mice, discovered spatial and social signals that are inextricably linked in the mouse brain. Excitedly, she explains, “The data was already available and screaming at everyone for some time before we actually realized what is really going on.” Ilana Witten is … Read more

Dysfunctions of Intricate Human Body Cells Might Underlie Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, and Autism

A human brain is made of multiple neurons that look tangled to the untrained eye. There are star-like cells, which are also known as “astrocytes,” that neatly fill the gaps that are seen to between neuronal nets of a human brain. Each pair of astrocytes wraps itself around thousands of neuron connections, popularly referred to … Read more

Can Robots Help Autistic Children Better Their Academic Performance?

In the U.S., robots are increasingly taking over the responsibility of maneuvering the classrooms. During early October, teachers in South Carolina began their robotic journey by using Robts4Autism curriculum. A robot codenamed “Milo” was designed to help young students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Malachi, a school toddler, excitedly says, “My friend Milo is … Read more

Can Delayed Walking Signal Genetic Anomalies?

A team of researchers have successfully discovered and decoded genetic and behavioral features that have been observed in some cases of ASD. The team strongly believes these results could help them with the necessary identification of existing subgroups which could result in improved treatments. Autistic children who have a history of non-inherited and spontaneous changes … Read more

Autism and Skydiving: Does having the disorder make any difference?

Autistic people often have difficulty with processing sensory information. A recent study about understanding sensory differences is a “Time Critical Priority” explains Dr. James Cusack. Earlier studies indicated that there wasn’t any significant difference when senses of smells were taken into consideration between non-autistic and autistic individuals. However, in the present study, researchers tested autistic … Read more

Sleep Apnea, Autism make headway as Minnesota Ok’s Medical Bill

Since July, obstructive sleep apnea and ASD disorders stand qualified in the list of conditions that are seen to be eligible to be treated with controlled cannabis in Minnesota as per the latest developments. Petitioners had sought authority interventions for 10 more conditions including dementia, autism, apnea, Parkinson’s disease and liver disease. Interestingly, the two … Read more

Can Brain Connections be the Real Cause behind Autism?

A gene defect has been shown to influence the way neurons communicate and connect with each other in the human brain, as per a recent study from the Washington University School of Medicine. The genes were validated in rodents and researchers found an existing link between rodents lacking the gene due to too many interconnections … Read more

Do Older Dads Risk Suicidal Autistic Children?

A recent study being carried out by the researchers at Indiana University suggest children born to older fathers are at a greater risk of psychiatric disorders than children who are born to youthful fathers. Earlier studies have also indicated the risks involved with “Advanced Paternal Age.” Late child bearings have been shown to directly impact … Read more

Labor Augmentation or Induction Does Not Result in Autism

Earlier research and studies have suggested that augmentation or induction during times of labor may result in causing autism in newborns. However, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has refuted these statements. An earlier study carried out by Duke University in Durham had indicated that young mothers who underwent an induction to have their … Read more

Can Sex Hormones Be Blamed for Influencing Autism Risk?

Can changes in the brain’s estrogen signaling help to explain increased rates of ASD in males? A recent study being carried out suggests a partial explanation for how males are affected in higher numbers. According to the existing data, there are four boys diagnosed with autism for every girl diagnosed with the condition. Autism disorder … Read more

Promising Leads that Bring Hope to Reduce Autism Symptoms

A recent study has discovered that Fragile X syndrome is more common in autistic individuals. Although the gene for Fragile X syndrome was discovered during the early 90’s, there are no possible cures or treatments available. Promising leads have started to pour in due to the tireless work of a team of young researchers, led … Read more

Could Missing Proteins Influence the Behavior of Autistic Individuals?

The latest study indicates that one-third of autistic people might be lacking a crucial protein for the proper functioning of the brain. The latest discovery could pave the way for newer treatments among individuals on the spectrum. ASD disorder affects individuals in terms of genetic factors, as well as hindering their communicative abilities. The Center … Read more

Helping Autistic Teens Fuel their Driving Dreams

Many teenagers have a passion to drive. However, they need proper driving lessons before they can wander out. Nevertheless, learning how to successfully drive is everyone’s birthright. Have you ever wondered if autistic people can drive? Many of you might believe the answer is a straight NO. However, a recent technology proves otherwise. A virtual … Read more

Is There a Connection Between ADHD and Fatigue

How often have we heard people describing individuals with ADHD as having “high energy levels”? Well, you are not alone if you ever wondered, “if only”. Researchers have explained that ADHD equals hyperactivity and in turn, hyperactivity equals energizer. Therefore, purely by the logic of deduction, this implies ADHD is also related to the energizer. However, few … Read more

Can Software Algorithm’s be the New Way in Predicting Autism?

The latest software program developed using advanced technologies aims to assist doctors and medical practitioners to effectively predict whether an infant will be diagnosed on the spectrum at a later stage. The software is developed by a group of qualified researchers. The software is effectively programmed to decode the obtained MRI Scans. Though the program … Read more

Can Paternal Aging Hold Clues towards Understanding Autism Symptoms?

ASD disorders and ADHD disorders have seen multi-fold increases over the past few decades. These disorders are characterized by complex etiologies that involve gene-related environmental interactions. Many genes that are seen to control unique properties and their varied severities are seen to be associated with different neurodevelopmental disorders. Nevertheless, paternal aging is seen to be … Read more

Are Your Nutritional DIETS The Real Culprit Behind Gastrointestinal Issues?

Can nutrition be the cause for increased Gastrointestinal (GI) issues? Not likely, for stress is found to be the major reason. Many autistic children experience GI issues more often than their regular peers. However, the cause behind the aggravating symptoms is relatively unknown. Previously, experts in the medical fraternity had highlighted the visible link between … Read more

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