Living with Autism during COVID-19

COVID19 has not only spread around very rapidly, but it has also meant that life, as we know it, has completely changed as well.  From closing much of the non-essential shops to working from home, or even homeschooling, it can be said that the pandemic that is now affecting the world has made us rethink … Read more

Coronavirus: Prepare kids with Autism for Natural and Health Emergencies

Watch this Workshop replay to understand the full Strategy Want to Work with us one-on-one to develop your child’s skills? The World is Changing… Well, I do this video with a heavy heart today !! these are difficult times that we are living. The hurricanes in the US the recent bush fires in Australia, the … Read more

Voice of Autism Survey – Australian Government Launches Large Scale Autism Inquiry

In a much awaited move for Autism Parents, on 27th Nov, the Australian Senate resolved to from a major parliamentary inquiry looking at the support, services and quality of life for families with Autism. Chaired by Autism mum of 10yo and Senator, Hollie Hughes, this is the first-of-its-kind nationwide inquiry to improve life outcomes of kids and adults with … Read more

Are EEG Signals Likely to Predict Autism?

It is a well-known fact that autism condition cannot be detected easily during the first few months of infant’s life. However, a new study has showcased EEG’s which are used to measure the electrical activities of the brain can accurately predict whether or not an infant will be diagnosed with autism, later in his life. … Read more

Do Metabolites Help In Predicting Autism?

A method, the first of its kind, to assist medical practitioners in detecting autism has finally been designed by scientists. The method is believed to predict autism by accurately analyzing metabolic biomarkers, according to the results of the study published. Autism condition affects 1.5 percent of all children, with one child being diagnosed with the … Read more

Genes Linked to Autistic Brain anatomies

Research scientists at the University of Cambridge have successfully discovered genes that are specifically linked to the brain anatomies of children diagnosed with autism condition. Earlier studies have highlighted notable differences in the structure of the brain of individuals diagnosed with autism condition. However, up until now, researchers and scientists had remained clueless as to … Read more

Autism Condition’s Social Deficits Reversed Using an Anti-Cancer Drug

Social difficulties are seen to be the most devastating of all the challenges that occur with an autism diagnosis. However, it should be noted that autism condition is incurable. A recent study, involving researchers from the University of Buffalo, reveal it might be possible to use single compounds in an attempt to alleviate behavioral symptoms … Read more

How Lab Grown Purkinje Cells are Expected to Yield Definite Clues to Understanding Autism

Evidence has linked autism condition with underlying dysfunction in the cerebral regions of the brain. However, the details surrounding the condition have, up until now, always been unclear. The present study, conducted by researchers based in the Boston Children’s Hospital, used advanced stem cell technology to recreate cerebral cells which are identified by Purkinje cells … Read more

Researchers are hopeful about urine and blood sample tests for an earlier autism diagnosis

Autism is a developmental disorder that not only alters the social behavior of a person but also causes a wide range of other behavioral complexities. Other behavioral complexities include but are not limited to, repetitive and monotonous behaviors, speech disturbances, anxiety, and difficulties in adapting to new environments. At times, diagnosis is seen to take … Read more

Can Breakthrough Research Lead to Better Prescription of Antipsychotic Drugs

Antipsychotic drugs make it to the list of widely prescribed and consumed medicines across the globe especially with individuals diagnosed with autism, bipolar disorders, and schizophrenia. However, a recent study has observed individuals diagnosed with the above conditions, are most likely to experience side effects to the extreme since the drugs are likely to interact … Read more

Do Bipolar Disorders, Schizophrenia and Autism have anything in Common?

Medical disorders are known to have well-defined characteristics that exist in bodily fluids, organs and tissues. On the other hand, psychiatric disorders are not seen to have a strongly defined pathology, but rather to be led by observable behaviors. A recent study led by the UCLA has found schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and autism share some … Read more

Will Extra Information on Driver’s license Help Autistic Individuals Steer Clear of Communication Woes?

A much-awaited public service announcement has been made urging autistic drivers to apply for a new driver’s license which will be embossed with a note highlighting their communication issues. The authorities believe such a step will help their enforcement officers to better plan their interactions. Further, the video message broadcasted informs Texans about the new … Read more

How Experimental Drugs are Making a Difference

Ongoing research from the University of Texas, Dallas has been successful in identifying potential treatments of ASD related disorders by accurately targeting the faulty genes arising out of neuronal communications. The study has so far revealed information about interlinked autism genes that play different roles from what has been understood so far. Autism, or Autism … Read more

Do Pregnancy Related Supplements Help Fight Autism Risk?

The year 2018 has started with one of the most hotly debated questions of late. Researchers have started to conduct multiple studies in order to understand whether supplemental intake during or before child-expectancy can help reduce autism risk. The autism condition is said to affect people worldwide with millions of people being diagnosed with the … Read more

Are Pregnancy Related Genital Herpes Likely to Raise Autism Risk?

Offspring born to mothers with a history of active genital herpes during their pregnancy phase are seen to be twice as likely to develop autism-related disorders, a recent study suggests. Researchers suggest an underlying link between autism and HSV-2 during early pregnancy stages. Lead author and study coordinator, Milada Mahic based out of Norway, report … Read more

Understanding the successful autism therapy of social behaviors

Scientists have successfully performed a test involving a new drug to restore social behaviors via stimulation using genetically modified mice as part of a case study. The drug, Nitrosynapsin, was electrically adjusted to suit the brain and behavioral abnormalities in the modified mice. The Nitrosynapsin drug is intended to correctly restore the electrical signal imbalance … Read more

Autism Rates Remain Stable in the United States

The data available with the authorities has revealed an interesting turn compared to the data from earlier years. From the year 2014 to 2016, ASD disorder rates have remained relatively stable as per the new data released. Researchers highlight this as being a welcome change owing to the steady increase of the disorder over the … Read more

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