Diagnosis for Dollars? Authorities call for Reform to Prevent ADHD Over-Diagnosis

Are practitioners to be blamed for unnecessary assessments and over-diagnosis in children with ADHD ? Irish authorities have shown concern regarding the possible over diagnosis of many children, labelling them with ADHD, early in their lives. ADHD and ASD are very real conditions affecting hundreds of children and adults. The numbers are increasing drastically. Increased number … Read more

UK Government Partners with NAS on Employment Drive for Autism Adults

Pauline Latham, MP from Mid-Derbyshire, is backing up a campaign intended to gain the Government’s attention to seek more help for autistic people with increased employment opportunities. Mrs. Lattham inaugurated the new report from National Autistic Society (NAS) and started the campaign for individuals with autism, in the parliament session held on 31st of October. The report brings … Read more

Mother’s Plea to Reinstate State Sponsorship of Autistic Teen’s Treatment

Irish authorities have marked a severely autistic young teen as “potentially dangerous” and “menacing. Brian Devlin, an Irish domicile have now been referred to a speciality care unit in the UK. His current patient care arrangements in Dublin had to be put on hold given that a consortium of medical practitioners had come to an unanimously landing that Brian’s … Read more

MPs Urge President to Re-Consider Extradition of Asperger’s Victim

Mr. Barry Sheerman, Huddersfield MP, has signed a request petition along with other 100 MP’s. The petition was forwarded to President Barack Obama requesting, not to extradite Asperger’s victim Mr. Lauri Love who is the prime suspect in a recent hacking case. The MP further described Lauri as “fragile” and “a man full of inspiration”. Mr. … Read more

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