Voice of Autism Survey – Australian Government Launches Large Scale Autism Inquiry

In a much awaited move for Autism Parents, on 27th Nov, the Australian Senate resolved to from a major parliamentary inquiry looking at the support, services and quality of life for families with Autism. Chaired by Autism mum of 10yo and Senator, Hollie Hughes, this is the first-of-its-kind nationwide inquiry to improve life outcomes of kids and adults with … Read more

How will the Blue Badge Scheme help Individuals with Hidden Disabilities?

Experts hail the blue badge scheme as one that gives ‘complete reassurance’ to individuals diagnosed with autism. Under the proposed new scheme, individuals with hidden disabilities such as autism and dementia are expected to be given a blue badge parking permit which is aimed at easing their parking woes. Authorities in the transport department commended … Read more

Sleep Apnea, Autism make headway as Minnesota Ok’s Medical Bill

Since July, obstructive sleep apnea and ASD disorders stand qualified in the list of conditions that are seen to be eligible to be treated with controlled cannabis in Minnesota as per the latest developments. Petitioners had sought authority interventions for 10 more conditions including dementia, autism, apnea, Parkinson’s disease and liver disease. Interestingly, the two … Read more

One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson’s Audacious Comment Draws Global Criticism

Pauline Hanson, a politician known for her crude talks, has tried to steer away from her audacious comments about autistic children and their hapless disabilities, saying she has been misquoted intentionally by her rival peers. Teachers and other educational staff across the world condemned the leader after she pointed out that much time was being … Read more

ABA a Promising Road to Recovery, believes South Carolina

Pediatrics announced an interesting statistic in this month’s issue of their journal. Investigators who represent South Carolina Disabilities Act have reported a presumptive five-fold increase in children with ASD who can benefit from early intensive behavioral therapy. This data was identified after a rigorous state-wide implementation of a screening process to find eligible children. Applied Behavioral … Read more

What the Law states about Autism Workplace Discrimination

The government ran a survey very recently involving parents and found that the number of autistic children has increased! The rise is significant. Read: Why are Autism rates rising? Over the past few years – reports CDCP and NCHS – the count of children affected with Autism between 3 and 17 years of age has gone up to 1:45 … Read more

Glasgow Well On Track to Becoming the Most Autism Friendly City on Planet Earth

Welcome to a different kind of city! Glasgow is in the process of becoming “autism-friendly,” and as the first of its kind, plans are moving forward quickly, says the Glasgow city council. Authorities from the business sector, as well as many organizations within the city’s autism network, are working together to transform Glasgow into a … Read more

Autism Law Enforcement Training Gets the “Go Ahead” from Florida Lawmakers

MIAMI: Autism awareness training is essential in today’s society, and Florida’s legislature is currently moving on a bill that will require this training. The need to pass a bill like this started to gain momentum after a high profile incident occurred in South Florida last summer, involving law enforcement agencies and an autistic black man. … Read more

What the Autism Insurance Reform Needs is Right to Additional Services without Denting your Pocket

Health care services have become an important part of life, and there is no doubt that the prevalence of autism-related cases has increased. Taking this into consideration, U.S. law requires equal insurance benefits for physical and mental health. However, it should be noted that this does not increase any costs. “It was expected well in … Read more

Proposed Law to Raise Autism Insurance Coverage to Age 21

Autism, in the state of Georgia, has been a subject of intense debate. Although the issues that are being discussed are important for everyone with a family, the decision could end up making their health insurance policy more expensive. Currently, insurance companies cover treatment for children with autism up to the age of 6. A … Read more

Can Medical Marijuana hold the key for Autism Treatment?

MIAMI, FL: Few medical practitioners are of the opinion that medical marijuana could be used as an effective treatment alternative for children (controversial, I know). Doctors argue that since medical marijuana contains low THS levels and is non-euphoric, children would not get high. Although the doctors are well authorised to prescribe medical marijuana under Florida … Read more

Much Anticipated “Kevin and Avonte’s Law”, allowing Tracking Devices for Children with Autism is Finally a Reality!

The legislation, that would require respective authorities to provide resources and tracking devices to kids with Autism, is one step closer to becoming a reality and could very soon be a federal law. If successful, this would be a big step towards providing children with ASD the necessary tools to overcome their developmental disabilities. The tracking … Read more

Private Insurance Bill for Autism sees Light of Day in Ohio

As per a new bill passed in Ohio General Assembly, private insurance providers must cover for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The new bill states that all insurance plans must provide coverage for diagnosis, screening and treatments of ASD.  A large number of issues have been addressed like, covering for a minimum 20 speech or occupational therapy sessions … Read more

Republican Fights for Increased Aid towards Military Families with Autistic Children

Last week, U.S. house passed one of the most awaited bills. The bill, Defense Appropriations Act had an amendment from Florida Republicans to increase the aid to children with autism in the military families. Although, at the end of last year, the Defense Health Agency (DHA) announced it would reduce the cost of the reimbursements … Read more

Legislation Bill Proposed to Reduce Intellectual Disability Waitlists

A group comprising of non-profit social services to differently abled people is proposing a new legislation that aims to shorten waiting lists by raising the reimbursement rates allocated for these organisations. VISIT: Top Nonprofit Autism Organizations in U.S The nonprofit leaders explained the model and said the increase in the reimbursement rates could help them to … Read more

State Disability Programs May Fail to Cope with Rising Autism Prevalence Down Under

MELBOURNE, AU: A sharp increase in the number of Autism cases among children has raised concerns whether the National Disability Insurance Scheme can match the pace of the growing needs and meet the demands for support related services. Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia retrieved a copy of data available with the Federal government. The report highlights … Read more

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