Is Hollywood Guilty of Undermining Autism Employment Opportunities?

A recent season 9 episode of “Namaste” saw Larry David pretending to be autistic in a bid to win sympathy from an African-American mechanic he had insulted. Nevertheless, this behavior was widely criticized as being inappropriate and insensitive across the autism community as well as blogospheres surrounding autism. However, in all honesty, there is a … Read more

The Medical Woes of People with Autism

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has led a study involving 284 autistic adults and youngsters and has noted a rise of 22.2 percent in individuals visiting the emergency ward at least once a year. Dr. Yona Lunsky: Director of Health Care Access Research and Developmental Disabilities (H-CARDD), says, “Every other day we get … Read more

Understanding and Applying Crucial Skills for Kids with Autism

Individuals on the autism spectrum face difficulties at different stages of their lives. Learning to take turns is one of them. It may not be obvious, but the ability to take turns involves several skills and is an important part of life. For example, taking turns involves skills such as: The art of waiting Reading … Read more

Hopes Dim as Clinical Trials Fail for Biomedical Intervention for Autism

The first drug studies in recent history on autism medication treatment were launched targeting the disorder Fragile X. The studies that followed focused more on older children and adults than on smaller children out of fear of adverse side effects of unknown, novel drugs. Advocates then hoped that they could handle the rest of the autism spectrum. Today, … Read more

Autism Medication FAQs – Questions Parents Ask

Opting in for Autism medication is a BIG step and it is natural for parents to feel confused. Which is why we have this detailed guide on Essential Autism Medication Strategies for parents. Here are a couple of questions that parents often ask on this forum in terms of working/collaborating with other people to get the best … Read more

A Thing or Two About ADHD in Girls and Women

ADHD is developed in childhood and can happen to anyone; however, genes have a definite role to play. Five to 11 percent of kids are diagnosed with ADHD and a significant proportion of those diagnosed are girls. Although some of these girls are successful in outgrowing ADHD, many of them transition into adulthood with ADHD. On the other … Read more

No, Vaccines Will NOT Cause Autism your Child! Here’s Why..

Parents are concerned about vaccination and have doubts about whether they are useful for their children, especially after such incidents as the mumps outbreak in Crawford County. This has led to some people believing that either vaccination does not work or it is simply harmful to the child. If you are interested in checking out … Read more

What the Autism Insurance Reform Needs is Right to Additional Services without Denting your Pocket

Health care services have become an important part of life, and there is no doubt that the prevalence of autism-related cases has increased. Taking this into consideration, U.S. law requires equal insurance benefits for physical and mental health. However, it should be noted that this does not increase any costs. “It was expected well in … Read more

Autism and Divorce – Case Study on How I Helped a Family with Autistic Child Overcome the Challenges

Divorce – Not only a difficult subject, but also a difficult choice for any couple, especially when the marriage involves children. Divorce rate have been on a disturbing rise, especially over the last 2 decades. As per the latest census, one out of 2 marriages in the U.S. alone falls apart. Interestingly, the divorce rates tend to … Read more

Why Autism Diagnosis Standards Must Stop Overlooking Functional Ability of Individuals

There are many ways to highlight behavioral issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. It has also been one of the hot topics for discussions over the last four years, regarding the methods that could be adopted to understand and interpret mental conditions. The Diagnostic Elements The three main points to make a note of when understanding a mental condition are: … Read more

Positive Thinking and Autistic Minds

Welcome 2107, and we think it might be a great idea to start the new year with some positivity. Smart, unabashed and outspoken are the words that could well describe Rosie King. Back in 2014, Rosie was only 16 when she gave an outstanding and eye-opening speech on Ted Talk, titled “How Autism Freed Me to Be Myself”. … Read more

Tips to Go Holiday Shopping with Autistic Children

The season to be jolly is finally here, and it is the time for family, friends, baking, gifting and wishing joy to the world. For families with autism, the holiday season can be a tricky time. Crowds, loud noises, bright lights all amount to the dreaded sensory overload leading to anxiety. Shopping in crowded mall, … Read more

Fragile X Syndrome: Causes and Symptoms Continue to Elude Researchers

The rising number of children born with conditions that affect their social behaviour and intellectual development has been increasing alarmingly over the last decade. Caused by genetic mutation Autism Spectrum Disorders have varied symptoms and are becoming increasingly complex in their behaviour. Fragile X Syndrome or FXS has been touted as a suspected cause of Autism … Read more

Classroom Intervention Strategies for ADHD and Other Learning Disabilities

Handling attention deficient disorder in children or those who have hard time learning due to a slightly different brain circuitry throw real challenges to any teacher. In a classroom, the number is usually more than one, so it’s tougher for the classroom teacher to cope with ADHD and learning challenges for multiple students in a … Read more

Early Identification of Childhood Depression is the Need of the Hour

Depression, which means severe despondency, was previously believed to crop up only among adults. It was believed that children are immune to depression, since, they are yet to develop complex emotions and affectations that give rise to such a disorder. However, the new study which targets the present generation and its subtle environments throws a different … Read more

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