Early Identification of Childhood Depression is the Need of the Hour

Depression, which means severe despondency, was previously believed to crop up only among adults. It was believed that children are immune to depression, since, they are yet to develop complex emotions and affectations that give rise to such a disorder. However, the new study which targets the present generation and its subtle environments throws a different … Read more

Medications Unable to Control ADHD Among School Goers

According to a survey conducted in 2016 AAP National Conference & Exhibition, school going children diagnosed with ADHD displayed noticeable symptoms, despite getting the correct dosage of recommended stimulants. Floyd Salle, MD. PhD – Ironshore Pharma, Cincinnati together with his peers designed a questionnaire for parents and primary caregivers of children with ADHD. The primary purpose of the questionnaire … Read more

Getting Ready for an Autism Friendly Halloween this Festive Season

Traditions are always much awaited and filled with loads of excitement, as well as entertainment. Halloween is one such tradition. However, social and cultural events like Halloween can sometimes be extremely challenging for autistic children. Few might tend to struggle in grasping the concept since Halloween activities are basically imagining, spontaneous interactions as well as … Read more

Parent Led Intervention Shows Real Improvement in ASD

For years, researchers and authorities have been insisting on early intervention regarding children with ASDs. Now, it is believed that earlier the intervention, better are the chances of improvement for an autistic child. Interventions, however, focus only on the child. As per the latest research conducted at the Manchester University, Newcastle University and Kings College London, … Read more

“Miracle” MMS Autism Treatment Too Good to Be True – Warns Experts

Lot of things tend to make way in the online world. Somebody makes a claim or releases a statement, and before you know the story has gone viral; everyone joins the party! But things may not turn out that funny when certain institutions, with vested interests, exploit on genuine concerns that parents have with their … Read more

New Study Achieves Breakthrough in Autism Communications

A recent research aimed at improving the communicative abilities of children with autism has garnered positive and favourable results, good enough for the authorities to sit up and take notice. This study was the largest ever conducted. It consisted of a  random trial designed for autism therapy under controlled conditions. It kept a track of … Read more

Concerns Raised on New Therapies for ADHD

Therapies change with time; sometimes for better, other times for the worst. So when schools invest in research programs for developing newer tools and strategies intended for the students with ADHD, high hopes aside, there also remain present chances for pitfalls – some minor and the rest, devastating. When it comes to coping with ADHD, schools are … Read more

Watching Peppa Pig Might Cause ASD, Claims a Study

The extremely popular British TV show Peppa Pig faced severe criticism recently (not for the first time) and was a subject of backlash as experts warned parents of the programme’s negative impact. Exposure to the show has the possibility of causing manners similar to autistic symptoms in children claimed the reports. The two beloved characters Peppa … Read more

Genetic Research – A Breakthrough in Autism Studies

Finding more about the Autism gene has been one of the focal points of Genetic research and studies. A number of experiments and studies have been conducted and a lot lot of researches are regularly published to determine what causes  or triggers autism spectrum disorders. Scientists at the prestigious MIT has successfully managed to isolate … Read more

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