How Telehealth and Online Therapy is Disrupting The Traditional Mental Health Industry

According to the U.K. surgeon general (1999), mental health is the successful performance of mental function, resulting in productive activities, fulfilling relationships with other people, and the ability to adapt to change and cope with adversity. Over the years it has appeared that mental illness is more common than cancer, heart diseases and even diabetes. … Read more

Does Autism Have An Impact On Memory?

As each day sets in, the human population increases as we continue to procreate. We give birth to our new species on earth that shares the same characteristics as we do, however not a hundred percent as we do. Some may tend to vary, making them not totally the same as we are. Before birth, … Read more

Factors That Every Parent Must Consider When Seeking Therapists For Kids With Special Needs

Procreation in life is not a problem-free adventure. In the course of humans giving birth to offspring, things can go wrong. Most times, children with some disorders are born, therefore creating what might seem like a burden to their parents or caregivers. Children with special needs may have been born with a syndrome, terminal illness, … Read more

Protein Trafficking: Can it hold the Clue to Understanding Autism?

Can proteins whose mutations are seen in autistic people hold a clue to understanding autism and other related neurodevelopmental conditions? A recent study highlights about the protein ASTN 2, also known as Astrotactin, can extradite the receptors neuron receptors away and could also prevent the accumulation of proteins. That being said, researchers argue, neuronal connections … Read more

Understanding the Unique Brain Networks of Autistic Infants

A recent study is attributed to successfully identifying unique brain networks that are similar to ASD related behaviors often seen in young infants who are a risk of inheriting autism symptoms. The recent findings are seen to successfully assist one in pinpointing regions of the brain involving certain characteristics of autism disorder while providing necessary … Read more

Autism and Special Interests: Exploring the Other Side

Christina, a speech professor, and a researcher recalls one of her young clients, a child diagnosed with autism condition, loved to recite new words that she discovered while going through her dictionary. “She read every word absolutely fine although she did not understand or comprehend the meaning of every word,” explains Christina. Despite not being … Read more

How Interventional Programs Help Autistic Students

Specialized training programs that are given to teachers are seen to be helpful in assisting young students with autism condition to achieve big results, as per the observations made by researchers based out of Emory University and Florida State University. In this new study young children, who underwent educational training under teachers who had received … Read more

Understanding Autism Brain Seizures

Seizures that occur during the early life of an individual play a key role in switching synapses across the brain networks in autistic individuals. Seizures are also seen to cause neurodevelopmental delays in young people with autism and other related conditions. The study gains prior importance due to highlighting the relationship between the targeted therapies … Read more

A Unique Approach to Help Students with Autism Thrive

A few decades back, it seemed to be rather unusual for a student with autism enter college or continue his/her higher studies. However, with greater awareness and tireless advocacy, things have started moving in favor of youngsters diagnosed with autism. With improvements in treatments, pupils with average or above average intellectual disabilities are enrolled in … Read more

Understanding the Origins of Autism and Associated Sensory Processing Disorders

The origins of autism continue to remain mysterious. However, researchers are continuing their tireless work to understand which areas of the brain are involved and in what way the first signs of the condition appears. The latest findings bring us closer to understanding the pathology of the condition as well as understanding the point where … Read more

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