How a 21 year old Youth with Autism uses has found his Voice in Photography

Aaron Tierney is a 21 year old young man from Wausau, who loves photography. He loves to be in the open, photographing landscape and nature. What makes Aaron stand out, is his struggle with ASD. Aaron faces difficulties in verbal and nonverbal communications, finds social behaviour difficult and exhibits repetitive manners. Unpredictable behavioural patterns often exhibited … Read more

Lack of Research Resulting in Delayed Autism Diagnosis in Adults

An early diagnosis is beneficial to both, individual as well as the specialist since it provides ample time to the specialist to diagnose and put intervention strategies in place. When speaking to AutisMag, Fuad Alkoot – PAAET, Kuwait along with Abdullah Alagallaf, Kuwait University highlighted the fact that, unlike other diseases where ample amount of research … Read more

MPs Urge President to Re-Consider Extradition of Asperger’s Victim

Mr. Barry Sheerman, Huddersfield MP, has signed a request petition along with other 100 MP’s. The petition was forwarded to President Barack Obama requesting, not to extradite Asperger’s victim Mr. Lauri Love who is the prime suspect in a recent hacking case. The MP further described Lauri as “fragile” and “a man full of inspiration”. Mr. … Read more

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