Can Medical Marijuana hold the key for Autism Treatment?

MIAMI, FL: Few medical practitioners are of the opinion that medical marijuana could be used as an effective treatment alternative for children (controversial, I know). Doctors argue that since medical marijuana contains low THS levels and is non-euphoric, children would not get high.

Medical Marijuana and Autism Treatment

Although the doctors are well authorised to prescribe medical marijuana under Florida Amendment 2, there is a hurdle to consider—each case must go before the Florida board of medicine.

“The board of medicine is not in the consultation with us, they’re not assessing patients one-on-one like we are,” said pediatrician Dr. David Berger.

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Doctor Berger further explains that autistic individuals have similar symptoms on par with people diagnosed with PTSD and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The government is trying its best to make medical marijuana available under the “Compassionate Care Act.”

As per the definition of the law, Berger says he should be able to treat patients on the autism spectrum with the help of medical marijuana.

Leslie Ciper, parent of a 16-year-old child, named Eric, would try the medication in pursuance of treating her child. She recollects that Eric starts to spiral as soon as the behavioral episode starts.

He’s completely unreachable when he’s having a panic attack—I can’t communicate with him. He might throw himself at a wall—he might break something, he might throw things.

At present, Eric’s treatments are a combination of anti-psychotic medications, which pose potentially dangerous side effects.

“My son is nonverbal.If he started feeling depressed and wanted to kill himself, which is a side effect of the drugs doctors want to prescribe him, I would have no way of knowing.”

Ciper further insists that the drugs leave Eric in a state of mental confusion.

“I could use the medications on the market now, but I don’t want to drug up my son—that is not the life for him,” she said.

Ciper says she would take a chance to try the alternative treatment with medical marijuana and hope for the best. If it didn’t work, she would stop using it.

The Florida health department is organizing and holding a rule-making session across the state. If you would like to be heard, a session is being held on the 8th of February, at the below mentioned address:

Florida Department of Health, Tampa Branch Laboratory, 3602 Spectrum Blvd.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment box to help everyone in the community.

Medical Marijuana and Autism Treatment
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Medical Marijuana and Autism Treatment
Doctors in Florida believe that medical marijuana, when prescribed at a monitored dose, could help treat or alleviate autistic symptoms in children
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