Does Autism Have An Impact On Memory?

As each day sets in, the human population increases as we continue to procreate. We give birth to our new species on earth that shares the same characteristics as we do, however not a hundred percent as we do. Some may tend to vary, making them not totally the same as we are. Before birth, … Read more

Is There a Connection Between ADHD and Fatigue

How often have we heard people describing individuals with ADHD as having “high energy levels”? Well, you are not alone if you ever wondered, “if only”. Researchers have explained that ADHD equals hyperactivity and in turn, hyperactivity equals energizer. Therefore, purely by the logic of deduction, this implies ADHD is also related to the energizer. However, few … Read more

Correcting Hormonal Imbalance may lead to Improved Quality of Life for Autistic Individuals

Doctors from Richmond Behavioral Associates, NY understands the importance of researching new treatments for autism that could improve these individuals’ quality of life. That’s why they’ve recently engaged in a clinical trial to confirm whether identifying and correcting hormonal imbalances can lead to improvement in an autistic person’s social adaptation. The team is also participating in clinical trials … Read more

Could Brain Stem Size be the Missing Link between Autism and Aggression

Biology holds the key to unravelling the mystery behind the aggressiveness of some individuals with autism spectrum disorder. The difference in the structure of their brains explains their behavioral issues. Researchers stress that discovering the root cause of such issues could help with early interventions and could help everyone involved in an autistic individual’s life. … Read more

3-S: Easy to Implement ADHD Strategies that Go a Long Way

ADHD can undermine an individual’s ability to organize. However, brains that are forgetful and distracted can also be energetic, creative, and persistent with little effort. If you have any trouble concentrating on tasks or have been diagnosed with ADHD, give the strategies below a try; they could help to make some things in your life … Read more

Latest Research Confirms that ADHD Brain Functions Differently

ADHD has been found to be associated with the developmental delay of five brain regions. This delay needs to be considered a brain disorder. This could necessarily act as a boon for people whose diagnosis is sometimes called an invented condition that labels normal children who do not meet the unrealistic conditions of the normal … Read more

Virgin Chief, Richard Branson Announces Autism Friendly Holiday Packages for Families

Virgin has announced that it is working on a new concept of “autism friendly” holiday packages with the support of parents and campaigners. Virgin holidays and Autism Parent Empower, a charity for autistic individuals, are in talks together to discuss a new initiative that is geared towards making holidays an enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless … Read more

What the Autism Insurance Reform Needs is Right to Additional Services without Denting your Pocket

Health care services have become an important part of life, and there is no doubt that the prevalence of autism-related cases has increased. Taking this into consideration, U.S. law requires equal insurance benefits for physical and mental health. However, it should be noted that this does not increase any costs. “It was expected well in … Read more

Abby, the Humanoid from Identifier Companion Autism App Could be your Child’s Best Friend!

An App is designed for autistic people to address their many needs by using a different approach. The App named Identifier Companion uses a human character code-named Abby. Young Abby helps youngsters diagnosed with Autism syndrome by aiding them by answering their many questions which might remain unanswered otherwise. The advantage of the going online is the App … Read more

Neuronal Unreliability Theory for Autism Challenged by Scholars in Recent Studies

Earlier studies, that included explanations about the nerve cells in autistic individual’s brains as not being consistent and reliable to the external environments, have been challenged in a recent set of findings. The Neuronal Unreliability theory that had a wide reach and gained enough traction during its study in early 2012, is said to be … Read more

Do Children with Autism Feel Less Pain than Neurotypicals?

People diagnosed with ASD, often shows signs of violent temper. More often than not, the expression of grievance comes with alarming actions such as head banging,or pulling out their hairs. Researchers believe that this is because people with ASD are less influenced by pain. A new research has been conducted to understand this particular pain insensitivity. … Read more

Private Insurance Bill for Autism sees Light of Day in Ohio

As per a new bill passed in Ohio General Assembly, private insurance providers must cover for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The new bill states that all insurance plans must provide coverage for diagnosis, screening and treatments of ASD.  A large number of issues have been addressed like, covering for a minimum 20 speech or occupational therapy sessions … Read more

Touchpoints Buzzies Wearable Device for Autism and ADHD – Get the Buzz?

Bi-lateral Alternating Stimulation-Tactile Technology, abbreviated as BLAST, has been in use clinically for a while now. The technology is mostly associated with EDMR therapy, or the Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, which is a commonly used method to treat PTSD, anxiety, phobias and other associated psychological disorders. It was noted by Amy Serin that while … Read more

Republican Fights for Increased Aid towards Military Families with Autistic Children

Last week, U.S. house passed one of the most awaited bills. The bill, Defense Appropriations Act had an amendment from Florida Republicans to increase the aid to children with autism in the military families. Although, at the end of last year, the Defense Health Agency (DHA) announced it would reduce the cost of the reimbursements … Read more

Legislation Bill Proposed to Reduce Intellectual Disability Waitlists

A group comprising of non-profit social services to differently abled people is proposing a new legislation that aims to shorten waiting lists by raising the reimbursement rates allocated for these organisations. VISIT: Top Nonprofit Autism Organizations in U.S The nonprofit leaders explained the model and said the increase in the reimbursement rates could help them to … Read more

Finally! An Autism Friendly Gymnasium for Children in Waldwick, NJ

Family owned and operated 1 Gym 4 All,  in Waldwick, New Jersey, has its grand re-opening recently. Run by Kim Casey and her husband Arno, the gym is known for extending the premises and facilities towards children within the autism spectrum. With rising number of children diagnosed with autism and other disorders within the spectrum, it is … Read more

Study Reveals Why People with Autism Have Heightened Sense of Smell and Taste

A common trait among people with autism is their heightened sensitivity to smell, sound and taste. Caused due to mutated genes, people with autism find it difficult to process social stimuli – an event that evokes a functional reaction in the human brain and is responsible for integrating sensory information. Scientists are yet unclear about the … Read more

Fragile X Syndrome: Causes and Symptoms Continue to Elude Researchers

The rising number of children born with conditions that affect their social behaviour and intellectual development has been increasing alarmingly over the last decade. Caused by genetic mutation Autism Spectrum Disorders have varied symptoms and are becoming increasingly complex in their behaviour. Fragile X Syndrome or FXS has been touted as a suspected cause of Autism … Read more

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