Are Adults with Aspie at Higher Risk of Suicidal Tendencies?

Adults with Aspergers are seen to be nine times likelier to experience suicide triggering thoughts compared to the general population as per a recent clinical study.

Aspergers and Suicidal Tendencies

The study involved a controlled group survey involving 118 women and 256 men. These individuals had a successful Asperger diagnosis between 2004 and 2013. Consecutive studies involving the behavior of the group individuals suggested people with Asperger are significantly at a higher risk of suicidal thoughts.

Data obtained from related external sources revealed the following percentage of suicidal trends among different masses in the society. Individuals with Aspergers showed 66% risk to suicidal thought, while on the other hand, the general population had a suicidal tendency by 17% and patients with psychotic history had a suicidal tendency by 59%.

The research study was led by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and Dr. Sarah Cassidy based out of the Autism Research Center at the Cambridge University. The team observed that two-thirds of young adults with Aspergers had thought of committing suicide and another one-third of the individuals had either attempted or planned to commit suicide at some point in their lifetime.

Depressive symptoms were also seen to be a major trigger behind an individual’s suicidal thought process and were twice likelier to attempt or plan suicide in comparison to Aspie adults without any history of depression. Having mild to severe autism traits was seen to be the second major contributor being suicidal attempts among the Aspie population.

Dr. Cassidy explains, “Our research confirms anecdotal reports involving adults with Aspergers are at an increased risk of attempting suicide in comparison to other study groups, and depression being an important risk factor.”

Prof. Baron-Cohen explains, “Adults with Aspergers usually find themselves at a risk of secondary depressions due to loneliness, social exclusion, being isolated, lack of community help and support, unemployment, and under-achievement. However, with appropriate support and timely help, their depressive symptoms and suicidal tendencies can be addressed to prevent untimely deaths.”

Autism condition is a developmental disorder that affects one in 68 children. The condition involves difficulties in social interactions and communication whilst increasing difficulties for an individual to embrace change. Aspergers is different in a way, that people have similar symptoms have intellectual disabilities but without language delays.

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Are Adults with Aspie at a Higher Risk of Suicidal Tendencies?
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Are Adults with Aspie at a Higher Risk of Suicidal Tendencies?
An article highlighting how symptoms of depression lead to untimely suicidal deaths among young people
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