Chemicals in Everyday Items Can Cause Autism Claims Recent Study

A new study has found a glaring link which are a direct result of exposure to many hormonal disturbing chemicals found in minor doses that are present in everyday use items which might lead to cancer related symptoms as well as being associated with Autism and ADHD syndromes.

These chemicals cumulate to a staggering bill of more than 340 billion dollars in medical related issues in U.S.A alone.

It is quite well known that Environmental factors such as Toxic Body burden may cause Autism
Environmental factors such as Toxic Body burden are known to cause Autism

These hormone affecting chemicals are present in many of the everyday household products ranging from the humble plastic bottles, food containers, detergents, toys and various cosmetics.

EDCs or Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals are cause irreplaceable damage to human body, if exposed for a long period of time, which includes lower IQ levels, neurological/behavioural issues like ADHD and Autism, and life threatening cancer.

A study found that these chemicals leave a huge impact on the GDP of United States economy by as much as 2 percent each year.

According to Leonardo Trasande, associate professor at NYU Langone, this research points towards the evidence on the ever-growing costs that are directly affecting the economy as well as having adverse effects on human health.

Everyday Items
Toxic Chemicals that surround our Everyday Life

He also showed concern at the presence of these chemicals,which, if unchecked, would snow ball in to becoming a much larger health and economic issue. A need for an immediate action by means of necessary policy has become mandatory as days pass.

The endocrine hormones influences the daily functions of the body such as reproduction and growth. This study has given rise to a warning indication pointing to the fact that hazardous contaminants can lead to disturbance of the endocrine system which in turn leads to serious health related consequences.

This has been brought forward by the Environmental Agency, USA.

A chemical known as PDBEs was suspected to be one of the major chemicals, to interfere with hormonal changes. It is usually found in fire retardants.

Another chemical Bisphenol A, which is mainly used to line tin cans that are used on large scale in plastic industries and numerous other cosmetics was also believed to be responsible.

This chemical alone was believed to be causing health issues of more than 50 billion USD. In an attempt to understand the immensity of this impact, the researchers studied the urine and blood samples of almost 5000 individuals.

The alarming results that indicated a severe health risk showed that definitely not everything has been done to safeguard public health vis-à-vis economic gain.

A necessary policy act, is the need of the hour!

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