ADHD and Sexuality: It’s Effect and Correlation

ADHD is a mental disorder that is characterized by a tirade of symptoms such as excessive activity, issues with focus and attention or difficulties controlling an individual’s behavior. ADHD symptoms can also affect romantic relationships that might end in limiting a person’s ability to perform sexually.

ADHD and Sex-Life

However, it should also be noted that these markers are in no way used to make/complete a diagnosis. A person’s performing ability could be limited due to other factors such as unknown side effects of the medicines used during the course of treatment.

Although ADHD is commonly diagnosed in early childhood, it also affects the lives of adults. Some young adults diagnosed with ADHD have reported experiencing unexpected changes in their sex lives.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Its Impact on Sexuality

Hitting the nail on the exact symptoms is a difficult activity as changes can affect each and every individual diagnosed with ADHD on a different note.

Infographic: ADHD and Sexuality Explained


Sexuality mixed with ADHD can be a trigger to hyposexuality. For instance, an individual with ADHD might experience low sex drive while others might experience a complete loss of desire to initiate sex.

People who are experiencing hypo sexuality could also lose complete interest in their sexual lives. They not only find sexual activities challenging, they also tend to lose focus during the course of time.

In some cases, hyposexuality could be seen as symptomatic. However, researchers have pointed out, the occurrences of hyposexuality could be due to the possible overuse of antidepressants or other medications that are prescribed to treat symptoms of ADHD.

Orgasmic Limitations

Many young people who have an ADHD diagnosis have also reported experiencing issues apart from their sex drives such as difficulties in reaching an orgasm despite proper stimulation. Researchers argue this could be due to being bored or being unable to focus. In quite a few cases, medication side effects were seen to play a role in hampering ones orgasmic ability.


Many individuals on ADHD are prone to experience varied forms of hypersensitivities to a tirade of things such as touch.

That said, being hyperactive might also mean activities such as genital stimulations might also end up being a painful or an uncomfortable activity. Nevertheless, these type of sensitivities might also extend to other sensitivities as well.

Study researchers highlight a person’s tastes or smells associated with sex could also make activities difficult to stay aroused for a prolonged period.


Symptoms of being hyperactive are seen to have a close association with ADHD symptoms. These symptoms, in turn, indirectly affect an individual’s sex life.

Due to these factors, individuals with ADHD, at times, struggle to unwind or relax which makes it harder to stay aroused for a longer period of time. This could lead to other discomforts such as changing positions frequently or being unable to focus on one activity at a time.

Other symptoms

The presence of other symptoms cannot be ruled out in a person who is diagnosed with ADHD. These symptoms might include making one emotionally unstable or triggering depressive/anxiety symptoms.

This explains why some people get into difficult situations in their romantic relationships.

ADHD and Sexual Difficulties: How to overcome it

People with ADHD can learn different strategies and techniques that help one improve their sexual lives.


Communication is vital in each and every aspect of an individual’s life. Clear discussions about sexual issues and any other apprehensions helps one achieve more good for better. It also helps your better half understand how they can help.

It not only eases uncertainties that might arise due to situations, it also helps in striking a better rapport that could be the need of the hour. These minor steps help one relax and have an active participation in day to day activities.

Avoid sensations

Sexuality and romance involve using many senses, such as touch and smell. These sensations might not be suited for individuals with ADHD who have a history of hypersensitivity.

For instance, incense sticks or scented candles that are in place to help people might, on the other hand, be a source of distraction for people with a history of ADHD. They might also find other things such as sounds or lights too sensitive.

When someone identifies what works or what does not work for them, it becomes easier to create an atmosphere of one’s desires and tastes.

Remove distractions

While some might find music sounds as mood enhancers and noise calming, people with ADHD might not find so.

For instance, some might be used to keeping the television or radio running during sexual activities, turning them off might be a helpful way to avoid distractions.

For those with sensitive issues, minor sounds such as the sound of a fan or sight of incomplete work can leave distressed.

Being communicative helps one understand what distractions to keep at bay that might help to rejuvenate their sexual lives by being focused and present.

Make changes

For individuals who appear to lose interest in their regular sexual activities, making necessary changes in their techniques, sexual plays are helpful in providing greater stimuli that can lead to increased satisfaction.

However, be communicative at all times with your partner and maintain the good levels of trust for sustained relationships.

Maintain Focus

Make an effort to stay focused and avoid letting your mind go astray. Learning the art to maintain sustained focus levels takes time and practice. Try involving yourself in activities such as breathing exercises or meditation.

These activities are not only known to help you calm down, it also helps your body relax leading to healthier and better lives.


Scheduling is also a helpful technique to overcome sudden or unexpected issues in sexual life. Although one might argue scheduling is never a romantic activity, it helps ease your mind while you work out to get back to your earlier state.

Scheduling technique is known to help people reduce their anxiety levels and be better prepared for the task in hand.


While ADHD symptoms might create difficulties in a person’s romantic relationships and sexual life, it can be overcome with necessary techniques in place. Nevertheless, the key to change symptoms might vary from person to person.

That said, being communicative and exercising patience is the key to a fruitful experience.

Although counselors and sex therapists are helpful in addressing necessary concerns, it should also be noted that the above things hold good to help everyone being expressive in their sexual relationships.

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ADHD and Sexuality: It’s Effect and Correlation
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