A Channel Dedicated to Autism is what Parents have been Waiting For

The award winning charity show, “Create“, returned to the stables in Milton Keynes for the 2nd year in a row.

The channel produces musical compositions with students diagnosed with autism. The channel resumed getting on air from November.

autism TV channel

As a part of the show’s Creative Connection program, the projects makes use of pre-designed creative workshops which helps in bringing students together on a single platform from Walnuts College and putting their ideas together.

Walnuts College – an educational assistance for children who have discontinued schooling due to difficulties in their social, interactive and communicative difficulties which hinders them from continuing their regular educational programs.

Through well-knit collaboration and access to a wide network of resources, the workshop provides an environment in which children can work on building their relationships as well as enhancing their social skills.

The seasonal transition of autumn into winter is the current theme of the project. Further, the group works closely with notable musicians such as Jimmy Norden and Jenny Adejayan and explores various techniques to create their own musical compositions.

After recording, the channel uses their music for choreographic works.

Sara Macqueen and Will Aitchison assisted the channel and worked alongside by assisting the students in producing repetitive motifs – a dominant or recurring idea in an artistic work, with ideas of mirroring and physical reflections

As per National Autistic Society “Socializing and communicating can be challenging for many autistic people.” Autistic children, at times, have a difficulty in forming and maintaining relationships.

Further, they tend to have difficulty in reading cues from others. They face hardships and tend to be less sensitive when it comes to listening or speaking and from other communicative complexities.

Jerry Aldous – Manager at Walnuts College, adds

Autism manifests in many different ways. Walnuts College tries to help manage the student’s difficulties, which they encounter in their own, very individual ways.

Create works along with Walnuts College and strives by offering a platform for managing the difficulties that autistic individuals face through fun, creativity, and interactive sessions.

Further, each session is programmed to address the individual’s specific need.

Nicky Goulder – Create’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive quoted “There are 700,000 people in the UK living with autism. Only 16% of autistic adults in the UK are in full-time employment and only 32% are in paid work.

Walnuts College offers a curriculum that focuses on developing life skills, building towards confidence in independent living.

Create is privileged to have this opportunity to work alongside Walnuts College to provide creative programs that help toward this objective, offering workshops that encourage social interaction, as well as creative and communicative skills.

Last year was a great success and we’re all really excited to see what the students come up with.”

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